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About the Tree Warden

A voluntary role in support of the Parish Council and the Pavilion Committee


  1. increase community awareness of the value of trees and hedges
  2. add to tree and hedge cover in the Parish
  3. advise on threats to garden and Village trees


  • Identify sites and advise PC on tree, hedge and wildflower planting on the Recreation ground, and surrounding areas
  • Alert the Community to any planting opportunity and acknowledge such help
  • Report on Ash dieback and other threatened trees to the PC and the Tree Council
  • Develop web pages related to trees in gardens: trees for chalk downland/ diseases/ Trees and the law (tree preservation orders)/ a national tree map (Treezilla)
  • Survey (annually) and create a simple interactive online map of wooded areas and hedges (noting the mix and threats), and significant trees on public land in South Wonston Parish, for community awareness and education
  • Create seasonal tree trails/ tree hunts to encourage environmental awareness