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March 2021

During March 2021, Villagers, the Scouts, Cubs and Beavers, and their families planted over 100 saplings, donated by the Woodland Trust; they have also taken on the immediate aftercare of the trees, which include crab apple, dogwood, field maple, grey willow, oak, rowan, silver birch and wild cherry. As the saplings grow they should become havens for wildlife, enriching the local flora and fauna. We would like to thank all our amazing volunteers.

The wonderful results are shown above, with each new tree cocooned in its guard and supported with a cane. Although the subsequent weather was very challenging, cold and dry, most of the saplings took to their new homes, in the main, thanks to the conscientious aftercare of our volunteers. To help retain moisture and suppress the grass, all, but the dogwood and grey willow, which are on the damper side of the Recreation ground, were mulched with recycled cotton fibre mats or with wood chippings.

We expect there to be more opportunities soon; if you have not yet responded, but would like to take part another time, then please email us at [email protected] .