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Trees suited to chalk

a celebration of our garden trees


South Wonston lies on the Hampshire Downs, so, apart from isolated clay deposits, the shallow soil is typical of chalk downland. While many types of tree will grow in our soil, as you can see as you walk around the Village, some species, which are adapted to the free-draining, relatively nutrient-poor conditions, really thrive.

Useful lists of trees and shrubs that may grow well in our soil are given by the Royal Horticultural Society and by most online plant nurseries, and include, for example, beech, cherry, crabapple, elder, hawthorn, hazel, hornbeam, laburnum, lilac, pear, rowan, spindle, whitebeam and yew.

By way of celebration of the trees in our gardens in South Wonston (and inspiration for those looking to plant a tree), images of some of them are posted on the pages linked below; (the species are revealed by clicking on each image). If you have pictures of a favourite specimen in your garden, which you are happy to include, then please send them to [email protected].

1 beech, cherry, crabapple

2 elder, hawthorn, hazel

3 hornbeam, laburnum, lilac

4 pear, rowan, spindle

5 whitebeam, yew