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Threats to trees

While a variety of species will grow on our chalk soil, the challenges of extreme climate and new pests and diseases can cause problems. For example, around the Village you may see horse chestnuts with brown leaves caused by leaf miners, ash trees with yellow and wilting leaves and some bare branches (probable evidence of the fungal disease ash dieback), and holes in leaves on hazel, for instance, due to leaf beetles or sawflies.

However, not all these problems are terminal, especially if the tree is nurtured. Trees are resilient and can withstand some degree of attack by insects, and may even survive fungal, bacterial and viral diseases by deploying defence mechanisms, including an immune system.

The links below describe some common symptoms and give an indication of whether remedial action is required.

The Woodland Trust - common symptoms of tree pests and diseases

The Royal Horticultural Society - diseases and disorders (of garden plants)

Observatree - pests and diseases (those currently of most concern in the UK)

The Tree Council have produced an excellent leaflet on ash dieback which explains the disease, the symptoms, the legal position and different management options, and the Forestry Commission have a valuable pictorial guide.

While not experts, we are happy to try to identify a problem and research remedies.