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for the South Wonston Tree Warden

The Tree Warden (a voluntary role under the direction of South Wonston Parish Council) is committed to supporting the PC and our community by helping sustain and enhance our natural environment, and increase awareness.

The following pages, also linked from the menu above, will give some information on trees and hedges for the local community 

 Village trees

Garden trees

If you have any comments, suggestions or queries please email [email protected]

The Heart of the Tree .....What does he plant who plants a tree? He plants cool shade and tender rain, And seed and bud of days to be, And years that fade and flush again; .....He plants the forest’s heritage, The harvest of a coming age; The joy that unborn eyes shall see, These things he plants who plants a tree.

Henry Cuyler Bunner 1912

South Wonston Tree Warden Home